Many may say that they teach the Meisner Approach, but very few can truly claim to be Meisner teachers.  Wendy Ward is one of them.
— Ernest A. Losso, Protégé to Sanford Meisner, Hollywood director and casting director

Meisner Acting Training at Its Finest - Study In Person or Online

Studio Director Wendy Ward is one of the country's most renowned master teachers of the Meisner Acting Technique.  The approach has been revered for decades by producers, directors and casting directors because of the authenticity, emotional honesty and power it instills in an actor's work.  Ms. Ward taught the technique for twenty-five years in New York City -- first at The Acting Studio where she served as Associate Director and then at the Ward Acting Studio which she founded in 1996.  She has helped thousands of actors develop the skills and confidence necessary to leave their day jobs and establish sustainable acting careers. 

Actors who work with Wendy quickly learn how much more detailed, challenging and compelling the training can be under the guidance of a Master Meisner teacher.  Her program is revelatory, especially for actors who have received previous introductions to the Meisner work.  Put simply, 'There's Meisner -- and then there's Meisner.' 

The training is offered in three formats: Part-Time Classes, the Studio's exclusive Six-Week Intensive and in immersive one-week Boot Camps.  Best of all, actors can now participate in these programs from wherever they are in the world through the Studio's video conferencing technology.

I am half way through Tech 2 and just finished filming four scenes for a film, the largest role I’ve had to date. I would absolutely not have landed this role, which involved a self-tape and a callback, without my classes and Wendy’s coaching.

Wendy is extraordinarily committed to excellence. She has a singular gift for zeroing in on what you need to address and how to communicate this to you. Her specificity is the best I have ever seen.
— K.S., Online student from Canada

Ward Acting Studio Graduates at Work

We applaud our graduates who are now familiar faces in the industry and celebrate the many others who left our studio for careers as actors, voice-over artists, film directors and producers.  While you may not know their names, you've watched them on HBO programs; heard them on national TV commercials; seen their pictures in magazines and on products in your grocery store; and rooted for them in major motion pictures.  Let us help you join their ranks!  Whether you're an experienced actor or just a beginner, this training will challenge and inspire you and also suit your schedule.


Ms. Ward is featured in the books Acting Teachers of America by Ronald Rand, Acting Career Start-Up by Anthony Smith and An Actor's Guide to Making it in New York City.  


Check out what some of our graduates have been doing.  We've kept the sound turned off for viewers in public places.