Use the service links below to schedule and pay for each of your sessions. If you're booking a multi-session class, Wendy recommends that you schedule two sessions a week so that you stay focused and sustain your momentum.  If you cannot take two sessions a week, you are required to fit all eight sessions within an eight-week time frame.

Step 1.  Scroll down to the Scheduler below and click on the link for the session you wish to book.  

Step 2.  Be sure to change the time zone if necessary to display days and times in YOUR TIME ZONE.

Step 3.  Be prepared to pay for your session(s) at the time of scheduling.  

Before you book anything, please note that all sessions are non-refundable once paid, and Wendy does not allow rescheduling.  Your commitment to your training is what will make your one-on-one sessions truly worthwhile, so be sure you can meet all of your class obligations before you reserve your time slots. (Visit Terms of Service for more)

 All prices are subject to change without notice and are shown in USD.