Online Acting Classes

Do they really work?

Yes!  Amazingly well.  For some actors, online classes are even preferred.  You can study from wherever you are at times that are convenient for your schedule. When you work with Wendy privately, you’re able to focus on specific areas that need her expertise. Also, our online Meisner technique students really use their homes to their best advantage, creating a feeling of always being “on location.” The Meisner principle of the “reality of doing” becomes very deeply embedded in their work. Take a look at what her online clients say about her coaching and try it out for yourself.  (read testimonials)

What happens if I have to miss a session?

Wendy does not allow any rescheduling of sessions.  Actors need to be as committed to their online sessions as they would be if they were attending in-person classes at her studio.  All sessions are non-refundable once paid.

I'm a beginner. How do I know what topic to select?

You'll be able to figure that out when you talk with Wendy.  She's been training beginners for years and will easily be able to custom design a training program for you.

Do I need special equipment?

No, just a laptop with a decent camera.  Of course you will need a strong internet connection as well.  Sometime clients purchase inexpensive USB cameras and/or mics not only to make coaching easier but as an investment for better quality self tapes.

When do I switch from being a "New Client" to being a "Regular Client" for pricing purposes?

You are a regular client if you're training with Wendy in her studio, if you are currently doing a multi-session class, and if you work with Wendy on an ongoing basis (several times a month) in individual sessions. If you've been away from coaching for six months, you will go back to paying the new client fee.

Six-Week Intensive

Do you provide housing?

No, we don't.  Actors from all over the world have made the journey to the US and have been able to arrange housing on their own according to their specific preferences and budget. Most people use

What should we do to prepare before we arrive?

Get your housing set up.  Arrive in time to get over jet lag before the classes begin.  Take care of personal business and try to get some R&R in.  If you have applied well in advance of the intensive, you could read Sandy Meisner's book On Acting if you want, but it’s not necessary. The point is to arrive at your best -- not right off the boat from a whirlwind tour of Asia or a grueling 22 hour flight from New Zealand.  Frequently, you will receive some simple assignments a week or so before the term that you'll need to prepare for the first day. 

How many hours are we in class during the Six-Week Intensive? 

Generally, you may be in class all day (10-5pm) Monday-Thursday.  However,  you won't get your final schedule until orientation.  Sometimes we split the group into smaller sections based on their Meisner experience and past work in our program.  That may mean that your acting technique class has just 6 people in it.  If that's the case, it's going to take less time to get through everyone in that class than if you're in an audition class of 12. 

I received my BA/BFA in Theater, why do I need this intensive?

Well, you might want to go the testimonial page and hear what Juilliard graduate Bobbi Baker-James has to say.  We have never, ever, had an Intensive student who didn't realize (usually by the end of the first week) that there was a whole lot more to acting, Meisner, auditioning and building a successful career than what they learned in their college program.  It's a different marketplace out there than it was in the safety of your college environment.  You need a heavy dose of reality around what your competition can do and what you're going to have to do to compete.

General Questions

What ages do you work with?

Wendy works primarily with adults. Younger actors must set up a consultation with a parent present to discuss potential one-on-one coaching.

Who teaches the classes?

Wendy Ward teaches all the acting technique, audition technique and text classes. 

What is the Meisner Technique?

Sanford (Sandy) Meisner was a member of The Group Theatre, which included well-known playwrights, actors, teachers and directors including Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Harold Clurman, Clifford Odets, and Morris Carnovsky.  While Lee Strasberg could be said to be the most recognizable name on that list, all of 'The Group' had a major impact on American theater and the teaching of acting. Sandy's approach to acting is sometimes referred to as the answer to Strasberg's method and has for decades been every bit as revered and sought after.  Rather than using sense memory (also known as emotional recall), we emphasize the ability to use one’s imagination to take on the circumstances of the scene and live truthfully within them.  How we teach the actor to do that is what our training is all about.  For those of you who wish to read more, check out On Acting by Sanford Meisner and The Fervent Years by Harold Clurman.