When I heard that Wendy didn’t audition applicants because if she did none of them would get in, I thought that she just hadn’t seen me yet. I was wrong. I was very wrong. Wendy’s standards are the highest I’ve ever encountered, but luckily she knows how to teach you to reach them. 
— Gianmarco Soresi, New York City

Part-time Acting Training

To join the Studio's part-time Meisner training program, schedule an interview appointment.  This is an opportunity to get all the information you need to determine if this program is right for you.  Students are expected to exhibit professional behavior from the start, so please do not cancel your appointment without providing adequate notice.  It's also wise to review this site in some depth before speaking with Wendy. (Students must be 18 years of age to participate.)  [Set up an interview]

Six-Week Intensive

To be accepted to the Six-Week Intensive, complete the application form.  While professional headshots, resumes and reels are not required for admission, please send those to us in a separate email if you have them.  All materials should be sent directly to wendy@wardstudio.com. (Students must be 18 years of age to participate.)  [Complete an application]

Online Acting Classes, Audition Coaching, and Show Reel Production

To begin coaching with Wendy, set up a 20-minute complimentary consultation.  After that, you can book your classes and appointments directly from the Book and Pay Page. Teenage students accepted.  [Schedule a consultation]