Online Meisner Classes

Advancements in video conferencing technology have made it possible for Wendy's online students to participate as full members of her traditional Meisner Training program.  Last year, Wendy began allowing actors to work alongside her in-person students, and it's been working fabulously. 

Actors interested in becoming Meisner trained must be prepared to attend class twice a week.  They are expected to meet Wendy's high standards of attendance, discipline and commitment. Participants must have strong internet, a device with a good camera and excellent audio capability.  This is challenging training leading to masterful and competitive results but must be approached with a maturity and serious desire to train professionally. 

(If you're looking for a more immersive dive into your training, read about the Six-Week Intensive, which now allows online placement.)  

You can also talk to Wendy about getting your own group together wherever you are in the world.  She can work with any group of students that have a keen desire to learn, a private space in which to work, and the technical requirements to make online training feasible.

Next session start dates:  June 4, September 10 and November 5

Private Online Acting Classes

Wendy also offers private classes presented in 8-session packages.  These courses are excellent for actors who travel a lot, for new actors who may be nervous about jumping into a group class, and for more experienced actors who wish to focus on a particular skill area such as emotional life or audition technique.  

Wendy is very quick to identify your strengths and weaknesses and can begin addressing them in your first session.  You'll quickly get a feeling for Wendy's expertise and the support she can provide.  You'll learn some practical skills in a few short sessions and be surprised at how much you can do by the end of your first class.

Topics include developing authenticity, improving one's emotional capacity, dealing with cold sides, becoming a quicker study, reading scripts more effectively, interviewing with confidence and grace, preparing more effective monologues, taking on physical adjustments (impediments) and much more.

Session start dates are ongoing around your availability.  Set up a complimentary consultation to know more.

For information on audition coaching, visit the Online Coaching page.

Can you really learn Meisner online? Roman Solodoff tried it from his home in Dallas and his answer is "Absolutely!"

The only thing better than an in-person class with Wendy is an online one-on-one session.  They really get to the heart of what you as an actor specifically need. I recently booked my first professional production and everything I learned from Wendy from walking into the audition room to my final performance on stage proved to be invaluable. 
— Tom Stackhouse, Philadelphia