Take part-time Meisner acting classes from the comfort of your home.

Advancements in video conferencing technology make it possible for Wendy to offer exceptional Meisner training to students anywhere in the world. She began allowing students to attend classes online three years ago, and it's been working fabulously. All you need is a strong internet connection, a good laptop, notebook or phone and a private place to work. Actors interested in taking Meisner classes online have several options. You can participate online with actors who are training in person at our studio in Durham, or you can opt to train in smaller groups with online students from around the world. You can also get your friends together and schedule a special online class. If technology is an issue, we can send easy-to-use camera equipment to you.

Actors interested in becoming Meisner-trained must be prepared to attend classes twice a week.  They are expected to meet the Studio’s high standards regarding attendance, discipline and commitment. This is challenging work leading to masterful and competitive results but must be approached with maturity and a serious desire to train professionally. Tuition is the same as for all part-time acting classes, $365/month. Set up an online chat with Wendy to learn more.

I’m now beginning Meisner Technique 2 as an online student, and I am astounded by the rate at which my classmates and I have improved through Wendy’s training! Wendy is very down-to-earth and supportive while maintaining great professionalism. She makes each class a great experience for both her in-person and online students.
— Emily Proffitt, Tennessee