We applaud our graduates who are now familiar faces in the industry and celebrate the many others who completed our program and began careers as actors, voice-over artists, film directors and producers.  While you may not know their names, you've watched them on HBO programs, heard them on national TV commercials, seen their pictures in magazines and on products in your grocery store, and rooted for them in major motion pictures.  Let us help you join their ranks!  Whether you're an experienced actor or just a beginner, this training will challenge and inspire you as well as suit your schedule.

Beginning Actors

Wendy has worked with hundreds of first time actors and appreciates the bravery it takes to begin serious acting training -- especially if you've been waiting many years to realize your dream.  Rest assured that a little talent, good discipline and a ton of enthusiasm go a long way.  

In 2016, her theater company's production of Jacuzzi was named one of the region's top 10 best shows of 2016.  Two of the four actors had never performed in their lives.  INDY Week Magazine theater critic Byron Woods said this about her work:  “JACUZZI marks Wendy Ward’s directorial debut in the region, and the regional debuts of three of her company’s four members. For two of them, Jacuzzi is their first show ever. Not to worry: you won’t be able to pick them out. But how do beginners get this good this quickly? Having a well-seasoned teacher helps.”

Intermediate Actors

Wendy defines "intermediate" as actors who have theater degrees, community theater actors and actors who have taken other classes but want to get more serious about their training and their careers.

There are times when you need some new expertise, someone to make sure you're doing your best. At other times, it's important to get back into training to become more competitive.  Be certain of this -- your competition is committed to getting better.  Just because you have a degree from a good school doesn't eliminate the need for growth.  Wendy's worked with graduates of Juilliard, Yale, NIDA, and WAAPA, and as good as they are, these actors know they are missing something.  Discover that certain magic that Wendy can put in your work. Book a complimentary consultation with Wendy to find out what she can do for you. 


Working Actors

In a glutted market, every actor must keep raising the bar in order to stay competitive. Celebrities understand this very well, hiring coaches for specific projects and taking necessary sabbaticals to re-evaluate their careers and commit to new objectives.  The New Yorker referred to this as "McConaissance" in a hat tip to Matthew McConaughey for taking time off to reposition himself not just as a star but as an academy award winner.

Your competition is not complacent.  Your competition is always looking for ways to improve.  If you want clear, precise criticism that addresses your weaknesses and boosts your strengths, this is the right program for you.