Whether you're a beginner or an experienced actor, you're going to be challenged by the level of professionalism you'll receive and the standards you'll be required to meet while working in this program. One thing that Wendy is known for is teaching a class that levels the playing field for everyone involved. If you're a seasoned actor, you're going to realize how much better you can be.  If you're a newcomer, you'll be surprised at how far Wendy can take you in just a few months of training.  What all of our students agree on is that Wendy's mastery is in knowing exactly where she can strengthen your specific skills and bring out parts of your talent that you didn't know existed.

Meisner Acting Technique Program - study in person or online

Part-time students at the Ward Acting Studio attend class twice a week in either a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday combination.  Most of our students expect to train with us for a year, during which they will complete traditional Meisner Acting Training and participate in a robust audition class that tests their new skills under the rigors of various audition situations.  Some of our students elect to continue at the studio after their graduation from the Meisner program in order to participate in performance workshops, advanced text classes while others choose to work out in the Tech II level again and again as a way of continually improving their game.

New actors to the Studio do not have to commit to a full year, as tuition is paid monthly at the rate of $365/month.  Students also have the option of paying $420/month, which allows our most ambitious students to attend class as many nights a week as they choose.  Specific details around cost and scheduling will be discussed at your interview appointment.

The Curriculum

We divide the work into three levels -- Tech I, II and III.  Actors with prior Meisner experience can speak to Wendy about placement in more advanced levels of the training, but most actors begin with Tech I.

Tech I - Actors learn the basics of the Meisner Approach through a series of highly structured exercises that emphasize intuition, listening, authenticity and specificity over more intellectual, character-driven approaches.  Students learn to stop pretending and begin bringing themselves to their work.  The result is truthful, emotionally honest and compelling performances.

Tech II - Actors learn "emotional preparation," a process of developing one's emotional life without drawing on actual past experiences.  The foundation acquired in Tech I supports actors as they learn a better approach to placing themselves deeply in the imaginary circumstances of a scene.  Students begin to experience their feelings the way they do in life -- freely, without self-consciousness and spontaneously in the moment.

Tech III - Actors work on a variety of scripts and texts with different styles of writing and different acting challenges.  They learn processes for strengthening their connection with any script they are given.  Actors also work on physical adjustments (sometimes referred to as "impediments"), such as accents and other physical changes that are appropriate for a given role.

Audition/Interview Technique -  Actors learn how to face the challenges of the industry by practicing their audition skills in a series of mock auditions and interviews.  Tons of group and individual feedback is provided throughout the term.  Gradually, the dreaded audition challenge is greeted with optimism, enthusiasm and confidence.  Our students leave understanding how to interview with confidence and grace, perform cold sides with confidence, and prepare monologues and self-tapes in a manner that is professional, memorable and competitive.   

If you can't commit to our Studio schedule, read about ONLINE ACTING CLASSES and other training options.


Wendy has taught the Meisner Approach for over 25 years, and she’s a true master.  Actors who come to her from other programs consistently report that her training is more specific, more demanding, and more profound than their previous experience.  

Whether you're learning Meisner for the first time or have taken classes in the technique before, you're going to confront significant new challenges and find yourself becoming much more competent, confident, competitive, and cooler under pressure.

Want to study online?  Prospective students may participate in all of these classes as online students.  Set up an interview with Wendy to discuss the logistics of participating as an online student here.