Six Week Show Reel Intensive, July 8-August 15, 2019 

New at the Studio are custom designed show reels to help actors get their work out into the marketplace. For some students, the show reel project also marks their first real work on camera. These reels are custom designed for each individual student and are shot by the Studio’s DP, and we think they’re damn good.

Actors begin the intensive with classes in acting technique, including monologue and scene study. During this time, actors also have private sessions with Wendy to select and rehearse content for their reel. The show reel is then shot during the last two weeks of the program. Enrollment is kept to a minimum in order to achieve high quality results for each actor.

Typically reels consist of three scenes and a personal profile, but you may find you have additional work to include in your reel to the extent that you are featured in other students’ scenes. You’ll also have access to graduates of the studio’s Meisner training program who are strong actors and committed to doing excellent work. This greatly expands the types of scenes that you include in your personal reel.

You'll focus on how best to market yourself and meet the challenges inherent in acting on camera. You’ll also experience how empowering it is to take responsibility for your career. At the end of the six weeks, you'll see a radical difference in your acting and have tangible proof of what you can do.


Ward Acting Studio show reels are custom designed for each actor and filmed in a variety of styles and locations.


Weekly schedule and tuition prices

The workload demands attention and discipline during the week, but we schedule the classes in such a way as to avoid burnout.  Classes meet Monday-Thursday during the first four weeks of the Intensive, leaving long weekends free for rehearsals, homework assignments and necessary R&R so that both students and faculty return rested, refreshed, and ready for work the following Monday.  Actors receive instruction from Studio Director Wendy Ward in acting technique, emotional preparation, scene work and monologue preparation. These classes help prepare actors for the final two weeks which are reserved for final rehearsals and shooting. Actors will also have private sessions with Wendy to brainstorm, research, write and select material for their reel.

The Show Reel Intensive costs $2,950 and covers all the acting classes, private sessions and expenses associated with the filming, editing and post production of your reel. Any special costs associated with unusual locations, costumes, props etc. are the responsibility of the actor. Most of our actors are able to shoot in and around the studio with little additional expense. Local thrift stores are available to keep additional prop and costume expenses low. When you interview with Wendy, you’ll discuss more details regarding how the reels are shot, as well as how to keep additional costs to a bare minimum.

Actors who spend their summer with us and enroll in both intensives take $600 off their tuition.