Acting Intensive, May 13 - June 20

The Ward Acting Studio's Six-Week Intensive differentiates itself from other summer programs by focusing on one skill set that rather than test-driving a variety of disciplines and philosophies.  By narrowing the focus to just three areas of concentration -- Meisner, Script work and Auditions -- we insure that your new skills have time to root into your craft and that your growth compounds as you go through the summer term.

Show Reel Intensive, July 8 - August 15

You'll get the same empowering acting training offered in the Acting Intensive and then apply that training to the filming of a custom-designed show reel to take home with you.  You'll focus on how best to market yourself and meet the challenges inherent in acting on camera. At the end of the six weeks, you'll see a radical difference in your work and have tangible proof of what you can do.

The intensive demands a high level of commitment and discipline; there is no coddling here. At the same time, Wendy seriously cares about her actors and opens up a whole new world of reality-based, truthful work that you never thought possible.  I recommend Wendy to any actor who is serious about their craft.
— Ben Ridgwell, Melbourne

Why Study in North Carolina?

New York City definitely holds an allure.  So why study in Durham?  Put simply, because this is where Wendy is.  Many of the actors who come to the Intensive have heard of it from friends who studied with Wendy.  These students make great classmates because their sole purpose in coming to Durham is to work hard and soak up everything Wendy has to offer.  Durham also offers a lower cost of living, making it more affordable.  And if you want to get away on your long weekends, it's easy to get to the beach or to the mountains.

The Atmosphere 

The Meisner Intensive is both collegial and competitive.  You'll learn to work at a faster pace, become less sensitive to criticism and increase your stamina for life in the industry.  You'll enjoy seeing the growth in your classmates and celebrate the transformation in yourself.  There will be challenges and sometimes setbacks, but those will only serve to move you toward great results at the end.

The Schedule and Cost

The workload demands attention and discipline during the week, but we schedule the classes in such a way as to avoid burnout.  Classes meet Monday-Thursday, leaving long weekends free for rehearsals, homework assignments, and necessary R&R so that both students and faculty return rested, refreshed, and ready for work the following Monday.  The Six-Week Intensive costs $2,950* but actors who are accepted and pay in full by February 28, 2019 receive a $300 discount.  Actors who spend their summer with us and enroll in both intensives take $600 off their tuition.

*Actors pay a separate fee for filming, editing and post-production services, usually around $600. All fees will be discussed at your your interview.