Stop building yourself up in your bio and let the facts speak for themselves

If you read bios on IMDb you can tell when the actor is trying very hard to sell himself.  I just read the bio of an actor I know.  Instead of letting his impressive list of credits do the work for him, he spent a lot of time describing his acting skills in a manner that would embarrass most people's mothers.  I'm surprised his agent didn't protest and say, "Ah, let's edit that to be a little more professional."  While it's fine to add a little bit of color in a bio, if you spend too much time telling us how you can be angry, jealous, sensitive, frustrated, sweet, despairing, etc. -- well, we know you're trying very, very hard. 

Let your work do the bragging for you.  I don't like it when actors hide their light under a bushel but this obvious and I would add rather pathetic need to build oneself up is worse.  It reads as amateurish because only amateurs try very, very hard to convince people of how good they really are.  Professionals do professional work and let that work show what they can do.