The Problem with Being Star Struck

I have some talented students and graduates who have recently become excited about auditions they have with people that are fairly established in the industry.  I can hear the star-struck quality in their voice.

It concerns me.  Being star struck can turn into nerves.

When you leave a program that has provided you with strong skills, when you know you know what you're doing and have learned to do your best work under pressure with easy and well-placed focus, you need to remember that you can do that anywhere!  

Okay, so you've moved up a notch, and you're going to work with actors you recognize from big name shows.  Who says they're better than you?  Who says you can't hold your own with them.  Of course you need to respect them.  However, if you are prepared and do your best work, you might find out how much they respect you!

So, don't set yourself up to be more intimidated in this audition or performance than when you were in class.  Remember, we practice focusing on the other, on the work, and you know how to do that.  That public solitude you learned and control of your focus is what is going to serve you in the field.  

If you earned a place at the table then everyone involved in the project will be impressed with you if you stay positive, professional and show up prepared.