A little humility please

Lately I’ve seen a lot of overly heartfelt gratitude expressed by actors to those that saw their show or contributed services or money.  It actually has the odd result of not seeming humble but arrogant – arrogant or terribly insecure, which so frequently go hand-in-hand.  A sort of “I’m just overwhelmed by how great you think I am,” kind of thing.  If you’ve done well, you deserve the response you got and shouldn’t be so overly grateful. It can come across as self-indulgence.   I saw this after 9/11 from one of the CEO’s of a company who lost many people in the towers.  He made it all about himself.  His impassioned speeches to the media were so self-focused that many, many in his industry were completely disgusted by him – although I bet he doesn’t know it.  So actors, be grateful, fine.  But stop being so self-indulgent in how you express it.  Learn simple confidence and learn to express yourselves without the hyperbole.  We get it!