A note about bios

I’ve been reviewing various sites to find a particular instructor and in doing so have found that people really don’t know how to write an appropriate professional bio.  (Gee, I better take a look at mine now that I’ve said that.)

If I want to hire you for something that you are supposedly a master at, please don’t tell me that you were “thrilled” to continue your training with so and so or that you were “excited” to be able to take blah-blah-blah workshop to become certified in whatever.  These words are about your feelings and not your expertise. 

If you’re a professional, you need to leave these phrases out of your bio.  I know in programs people want to write “Sarah is thrilled to be working with this company again” but even there I usually ask my cast to leave those sentiments out.  Those feelings are better expressed privately.  I certainly am not impressed when I am doing my research to select a professional to provide services to me.

So those of you who might be writing up your own bio or website for something that you do well please keep it professional and don’t tell us about your feelings.  It makes you seem very amateurish.