Acting on  your voice

There are actors who actually really feel what they are acting – and those are the actors everyone wants – as long as they are not self-indulgent as some can be.  What no one wants is an actor who is “projecting” the feeling on their voice.  It’s obvious when you try to sound like you’re having a real feeling without it being there.  It’s like a big sign over your head saying “I wish I felt more.”  Start listening yourself.  When you go to theater or you go to a film, ask yourself “Is that actor really going through the imaginary circumstance or are they just trying to sound like they are?”  Audiences (and casting directors) are smarter than you think.  They just won’t be moved by your work.  Oh, they’ll understand intellectually “This is sad,” but it won’t be the same as their having felt and witnessed the actor actually feeling that.