Correcting a mispronunciation of your name

A name is an important thing.  We all have this deep relationship with its role in our identity.  But when you’re in an audition and the person calling out your name mispronounces it, let it go.  When you go out of your way more than once to get that person to say it right you come across as petty. Don’t ask me why but I have seen it in auditions 100 times.  The actor makes a point of correcting their name, and there’s an almost audible response of “oh, brother” from the auditioners.  There will be a really appropriate time to let a director or casting agent know the correct way to say your name.  You certainly don’t want someone to be embarrassed down the line if they’ve been saying it wrong for weeks.  In an open call, when someone says it wrong, just smile and say “Yes, I’m here” or whatever is appropriate for the situation.  You don’t want people focusing on your correction when you’re only in front of them for a total of 2 minutes.