Creation as an act of healing

People have long pointed out that in crises there is an incredibly strong need or rather impulse that people have to make love – the act of procreating seems to be the greatest act of defiance when life feels threatened. 

That act of defiance and the corresponding feeling of healing, feeling safe again can also come from other acts of creation.

I spent the day in shock and in deep mourning for my country and its people.  Then, I had a class to teach this evening.  I didn’t want to but knew it was my responsibility and that perhaps it would offer a short respite from my grief.

As I gave notes to the actors who did show up and work (no bad feelings towards those who did not), I found myself becoming passionate again – about the work, about growth, about art and its place in our world.  I found illustrations to inspire and motivate my students to bring more personal and important circumstances to the class. My role in helping them become creative artists was my own act of creation for today.  I felt like I was in the water swimming and using my limbs after having lain in bed for months – and that feeling of joyous movement from the act of creating carried me out of my despair.

I’m not done grieving or worrying, but I was blessed to be reminded that the act of creation has great healing powers and can help us regain a sense of balance and belief that all will be well.