Professional courtesy/acumen

When you attend an audition, you might consider sending out a brief email thanking the producer/director/casting director for the opportunity.  Keep it short and sweet.  They may not read it, but some will, and they will remember your name.  Some people are really made aware of you when you behave with more courtesy than the next guy.

Recently I attended an open call.  To my knowledge not one of the nearly 100 actors who auditioned thought to send out a brief thank you to the directors who were there. It amazed me!  I realize it’s no wonder that students who work with my faculty get ahead – they learn such good career acumen and build such sound habits in their craft that they differentiate themselves from the 1,000s of other actors out there.

Many years ago an actress I was coaching for a big general call had seen every show the company had done for the past 2 years.  She loved their work and dropped them short thank you notes with intelligent comments about the work. When she auditioned for them, they remembered her name but couldn’t place where they knew her from. When she said “Oh, I’ve watched your work for a couple of years,” they immediately remembered her.  They put down their pens, watched her audition with enthusiasm and gave her a call back.

Honest courtesy will work to your benefit.  Having intelligent things to say about what you see and learn will be to your benefit.