Stop playing characters that aren't in your age range

Actors do themselves a disservice when they allow themselves to be cast in shows where they play characters significantly older or younger than what they can believably play.

The days are long gone when anyone over the age of 20 should be playing a 15-year old.  It’s embarrassing and doesn’t teach you A THING.  If the production team can’t find or doesn’t realize they should be casting people who ARE that age, you don’t want to work with them.  It speaks poorly of their acumen.  So say no and spend your time working towards something better.  This isn’t the way to build your resume.

I saw this a few months ago and it made us all uncomfortable to see how badly the actress was working in an attempt to fulfill the younger age requirement through really phony stereotypic characteristics.  There it is again – characteristics – they will always make you look bad.  Probably suggested by the very young director. 

Which reminds me, guys – work with people who have better and more experience than you.  Actors who take anything that comes their way just get worse.