The power of courtesy and having done your research

A few days ago I received an email from a prospective student that almost knocked me off my chair.  It began by saying that she had read my website and wanted to thank me for my contribution to the arts.

Imagine this in contrast with 90% of initial emails I receive from potential students who begin by saying “Can you tell me about your program and tell me how much the classes cost and what they’re like?"  (To which I respond in my head, "Ah, no.  You should’ve already done your due diligence and read my website before contacting me with these questions.)

The first example is someone who has great business savvy (and who hopefully believes what she writes) contrasted with the majority of actors who expect everyone else to do their work for them.

Let’s fast forward when these actors get to LA or wherever they want to work, and they are competing for a role against 1,200 other actors who have been submitted.  Who has the acumen to knock 50% of her competition out before she even gets to her first callback?

This isn’t about flattery.  This is about knowing that everything you do – from your email name, to your Facebook page, to how you walk into an audition, to how you greet people, etc. is going to have an impact on your success.  Lazy actors who don’t know how to present themselves to an acting teacher are never going to know how to make it in the big bad world.

I want to work with that first young woman.  She’s smart. She’s with it.  She knows who I am and what I’ve done.  She’s got so much more on the ball than most of the actors who contact me that she is going to triumph in my audition class.  I can’t wait to work with her.

Isn’t this the kind of response you want from potential directors and producers?  PRACTICE BEING THAT ACTOR NOW.