The True Acting Institute Meisner Certification Program

What a terrible disservice Larry Silverberg does to the Meisner Approach, university acting programs and young actors studying in those programs by offering a short two-week term of certification in teaching the approach.  Anyone who has studied with a Master teacher, completed the formal training and then sat to learn to teach the approach is aware that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that anyone learns to teach this approach in two weeks.  It’s beyond ludicrous.  It is a sad, corrupt crime.

I have actors coming to me all the time who have been taught by the type of teachers that the True Acting institute is certifying and their work is weak, unintelligent, passionless and in most regards bears no resemblance to the kind of work that teachers like Ernest Losso, Bill Esper, James Price, Jim Brill, David Newer, Maggie Flanagan and I know how to bring out in our students.  The scores of repetition videos on YouTube and classes like this that suggest to teachers (who most frequently have not themselves completed and aced a traditional Meisner training program themselves) that there’s a nifty manual or quick way to teach this stuff are wrong, wrong, wrong.  The result has been a watering down of the work so that it’s virtually unrecognizable as the extraordinarily rich, effective, practical, smart, intuitive, bold and passionate technique it once was.

Colleges should know better than to accept this certificate as proof that their instructors know what they’re doing.  Teachers should know better than to think this kind of program would ever adequately prepare them to impart the Meisner Approach to their students.  And Larry should be ashamed of himself for lining his pockets with the proceeds from such a fraudulent program.

If you want to teach Meisner, complete formal Meisner Training with one of the teachers listed above (sadly the world’s finest teacher of Meisner, Ernie Losso is now retired) and then ask them if they think you have what it takes to be superior. 

Actors if you think you want to be Meisner-trained then figure out how to get to and study with one of the GREAT Meisner teachers.  Not one of these pale,  imitations.