Who knew -- My Kitchen Rules and Acting

I’m finding that one of the reasons I enjoy this show is that there are so many similarities between the folks around the table and the actors one meets in dressing rooms or green rooms.

There are the people who brag about their technique, put everyone else down and then when it’s their turn are always the least talented in the group.

There are the intellects who want to push the boundaries on the conceptual side of but cannot deliver a simple, compelling dish or moment of human interaction.

There are those who believe themselves to be avant-garde and have the over-used excuse of “you just don’t get me” if someone criticizes their work.  (Ah, no we got you.  And it’s not good.)

There are those who have no idea how bad their presentation is.  They either have no aesthetic or over-do it thinking that more is more.

And there are the participants who feel sorry for the people that deserve the criticism they are getting.  These participants are the enablers.  They don’t want their peers to get better.  They’re just so uncomfortable with anything negative that they hope to keep everyone happy even if it means that nobody becomes a better artist. 

And then there are the folks I love.  They don’t brag.  They don’t put anyone down.  They are honest and judge fairly – even when it means that someone must hear challenging feedback.  They hold themselves to high standards and do not laud their successes over others.  They themselves can make a simple dish that looks lovely but more importantly is absolutely delicious.  They make and art out of what they do.

And ‘they love the art in themselves rather than themselves in the art.’