You took a Meisner class once... and you think that is enough?

It takes time to become a great golfer.  It takes doing it over and over again.  It takes time to become a great violinist.  You must practice for hours and hours.  The better your mentors, the better you become.

If you’re an actor, you simply can’t become great or get better if you’re taking short-term workshops, auditing classes or reading books about acting.  You have to practice over and over in front of someone with superior knowledge, experience, talent and the ability to communicate all that in succinct and effective ways.  You need to work with a mentor until everything you do is effortless even under the most pressured audition or performance.

The best actors understand this.  They are addicted to getting better and will sacrifice to achieve. They will work on something until they master it.  UNTIL THEY MASTER IT.  They know one day they will be tested.   And when that time comes, they will be completely and utterly ready.